German Combat Engineers

Model 24 grenade (stick hand grenade)

To activate the grenade unscrew the base cap and allow the pull string and ball to fall out. Pulling down on the cord will activate the fuse. The first generation model stick grenades had a permanently revealed pull cord. The exposed cords had a tendency to accidentally snag and detonate while being carried. This grenade is an example of an offensive grenade. The Model 24 could be thrown 30-40 yards. The stick design also reduced the risk of the grenade rolling back towards the thrower.

-Range: Up to 40 yds depending on the thrower
-Fuse: 5 second
Cluster Grenade (Geballte ladung)

For antitank, and antipillbox demolition the heads of six model 24 or model PH 39 stick grenades were removed from their handles and tied together around a seventh stick grenade with a handle intact.
Model 39 Eihandgranate (Egg Grenade)

The Model 39 was a German hand grenade produced in 1939. This grenade used the same fuse as the Model 43 Stielhandgranate ,which was screwed into the top. In order to start the fuse the cap had to be unscrewed and the pull cord tugged. The grenade's colour on the cap indicated the time of the fuse. A delay of 4 seconds was typically used. If the grenade was going to be a fixed booby-trap ,then an instantaneous fuse was used. When enemy soldiers attempted to use discarded grenades they would be blown up when they tugged on the pull-cord. They could also attatch it to a door-frame in a building with the pull-cord attached to the door. When an enemy soldier kicked the door open the grenade would detonate.
Gewehrgranatgerät (rifle grenade device)

This rifle grenade could be attached a Mauser K98 , Gewehr 43, StGw 44 and/or FG 42 paratrooper rifle. It was connected to the bore of the weapon. A secondary sight was added for optimal range.

-Length: 25 cm
-Weight: .75 kg
-Range: 300 m
Tellermine 42 (T.Mi.42)

This mine was a German anti-tank blast mine. It was an improved version of the Tellermine 35. The main body is made from pressed steel with a pressure plate. The pressure plate, although smaller than the tellermine 35, increases the mines blast resistance. There are two secondary fuzes provided with the mine also. It also has a carrying handle on the side for easy transportation.

-Height: 102 mm
-Diameter: 324 mm
-Weight: 9.l kg
-Explosive charge: 5.5 kg TNT
-Trigger weight: 100 to 180 kg
Hafthohlladung (Panzer Knacker)

It was mostly used by the Wehrmacht tank killer squads. Three sets of magnets encirlce the base. This would allow the mine to stick to the metal of a tank. The charge is located in the rear and after it was attatched to a tank the pull cord was yanked and the fuse ignited. The charge of the mine was effective against armour. It was used alot on the eastern front.

3kg H3 version / 3.5kg H3.5 version.
-Penetration: 140mm of RHA angled at 0 degrees, 20 inches of concrete
-Fuse: Friction 4.5 second delay fuse, In may 1943 it was increased to 7.5 seconds
-Production: 553,900 produced 1942-44
Schrapnellmine (Bouncing Betty)

The s-mine was placed in the ground with only it's three pronged top exposed. After it was triggered the mine jumped into the air between 3 to 5 feet. A second later it would detonate sending ball bearings, steel rods, and metal pieces in all directions. It was an anti-infantry mine and had a lethal range of 22 yds and a casualty range of 110yds.

-Height: 127 mm
-Diameter: 102 mm
-Weight: 4.l kg
-Explosive charge: 182g TNT

" Hallo alles! Mein name ist Georg. I am the
company pioneer. As you can see I have hidden a few mines in the screen to Below. If your as good as they say you are you should have no problem finding them. Be careful and keep your senses sharp. Good luck."

Below are some examples of defenses, fortifications,
and munitions set up and or provided by the Pionieres.
(Combat Engineers)

A reproduction german mine.

Outer defenses with barbed wire and warning sign.

Anti tank and vehicle traps.

Machine gun nest overlooking the battle field.

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