Haunebu II

Sometime back, one of our unit members purchased a WWII German photo album and document grouping off of eBay. The auction description was very vague and the auction’s photos were not the best. But there were about 25-30 photos involving DRK nurses and the like. The price was right and our member won the auction. Now the funny thing was this auction came out of, of all places, Argentina. (Go figure how a German photo album and papers got in Argentina.) When the box arrived, our member was astonished. It turns out there was more to the auction than the seller led on to. The box weighed about 15 lbs. That’s a LOT of paper! So the member goes through the photo album and finds the photos he/she is looking for. Nice stuff. Then he/she begins to go through the pile of papers. Holy Crap! Within the document grouping are complete plans for a Haunebu II and partial plans for a Haunebu III. Now I’m talking complete! Everything from the Do-Stra heat shielding, multi terrain landing gear, KSK rotating turret armament, to the Triple Victalen Armor. Wow! Upon closer examination of the photo album, a false back page revealed even more treasures. So what does one do with such fantastic technology? Well… what do you think?

The project started in Dave’s garage. But it turns out that the size of 26.3 meters was just a little large for the space we were working in. (Even if it was a heated garage.) That and the technology was a little more than we’d bargained for. Dave’s ability to take apart a carburetor or polish the commutator on a starter wasn’t going to cut it. Besides, the Thule Tachyonator drive and the Mag Field Impulser 4a controls were giving most of us fits. Just a little more to tackle than we had planed. Due to these minor setbacks, we decided to let some people with a little more “savvy” try their hand at our little project. (No, I’m not talking about 2nd Panzers.) So… Road-trip! We loaded our little project into the unit trailer and off we go to Groom Lake, NV. (Now remember Boys and Girls, that place doesn’t exist.) Well needless to say the people at Area 51, Oops, I meant to say the alleged people at the non-existent location were astounded as to what we were able to accomplish with simple hand tools and duct tape. (Period German Duct Tape of course.)

After some intense negotiations, an amiable agreement was reached with the alleged people at the non-existent location. They get to keep some of the technology and we get our vehicle built. But there was the question of extra needed funds. One of our unit members works in the banking industry. He was able to arrange financing through Bank von Amerikana.

This project is no short term deal. The intricacies of the Thule Triebwerk drive are really testing the resolve of the alleged people at the non-existent location. That and the recent economic status of the stock market has caused a number of delays. Professor Tihs Llub estimates a seven to ten year time-frame for completion of our project. Please check back to our site for further photo and updates.

Yours Truly,
Adolf von Pferdscheisse
Haunebu II project director

Heavily Armed Flight Gyro

Diameter: 26.3m/ 32.0 m Do-Stra

Drive: Thule Tachyonator (Thule Triebwerk) 7c

Control: Mag Field Impulser 4a

Speed: 6,000 km/h (theoretically up to 21,000 km/h)

Armament: 6 x 80 mm KSK in 3 rotating turrets

1 x 110 mm KSK in 1 rotating turret

Armor: Triple Victalen

Crew: 9 (with room for up to 20 people)

Quiet flight: 19 minutes
All weather, day and night, capable

Employment fitness: 100%

First flight: 1942

Available for service: 1944


“Update!” 7-14: Wow! Found a Vril series flight crystal on eBay! It’s perfect for the Thule Triebwerk drive. It’s in an unnamed former eastern block country. Auction ends in two days! Keep your fingers crossed.

“Update!” 7-16 : Won the Crystal! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I cant wait!

“Update!” 7-21: We are still waiting for our Vril series flight crystal for the Thule Triebwerk drive to arrive from the unnamed former eastern block country. eBay pulled the auction after we had already paid for the piece. eBay stated it could possibly be “Hazardous Materials related to weapons manufacturing” What the hell does eBay know about Vril series flight crystals. Morons! Vril series flight crystals are only dangerous if highly modified and installed in a Veron-T disruptor. Besides, Veron-T disruptors are illegal.

“Update!” 9-30: We were lucky and got our money back. Now we have to start all over and try to find another crystal. Anyone out there got one? It must be a three-phase quantum helix model w/interlocking relays. We need both the left and right quadrants.


First Test Flight:


Alleged Luftwaffe anti-gravity badges.

Now you have undisputable proof that Hitler’s Germany did possess anti-grav technology. Hey… It’s on the internet… It must be true, Right? .... And if you believe that, I've got some great Swampland for sale in Bavaria. LOL!

Sound courtesy of dargoth.